Cuban Lunch at Margon

Pressed for time but in need of a filling, comforting lunch, I like to go to Margon in Midtown West in Manhattan. It’s less than a 10-minute walk from my office, and whenever I arrive, the staff members recognize my face and always give me my order in 15 minutes or less.

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I always order their specials because every single one has been delicious! Today’s special was the Roast Pork, and I ordered it with black beans and rice.

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The Roast Pork is also a popular dish, ordered by many customers. After one bite of this succulent meat, I understood why! Flavorful, perfectly cooked, it brought satisfaction to my stomach. The rice and beans were very tasty too. This is a large, generous portion for $12. I wasn’t able to eat half and save the rest for later. I was very hungry and savored every single morsel of my meal. It was that good for me!

Margon is a small, old-school place to stop by for a coffee or a quick meal . The staff are friendly and lively, and I love it when they encourage me to speak the few words of Spanish that I know which include greetings, saying thank you and names of food. I enjoy going to a place where the food and the people are great!


All images and content © 2016 Carol Vu.

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