Omakase at Ju-Ni

Ju-Ni is an Omakase-only place with an intimate setting and Michelin-starred cuisine in San Francisco.

With only 12 seats and a L-shaped bar, every 4 guests receive personalized attention and 18 hand-crafted courses. Chef Paul Luong gave us an incredible, yet relaxing, and enjoyable experience. Here are a few highlights from this amazing Omakase menu at Ju-Ni.

To start, a beautiful presentation of seasonal vegetables. The outstanding part was the beets. Flavorful from its marinade and melted in my mouth with the creamy, rich, cauliflower, I think, purée.

Shima Aji – Striped Jack. The lime zest brought a slight, yet delightfully, citrus taste.

Ikura with Ankimo – Salmon Roe/Monkfish pate. It was mesmerizing, watching Chef grate the frozen monkfish pate onto the salmon roe. One bite tasted like a mouthful of snow with an incredible savoriness.

Hirame – Olive Flounder. Strikingly elegant with delicate flavor. I was astounded.

Zuke Toro with Caviar – Soy Cured Fatty Tuna. If I had to pick a favorite in the Omakase menu, this would be it. A bomb of flavors from the saltiness of the caviar and richness of the toro.

Outside of the Omakase menu, Hokkaido Uni – Hokkaido Sea Urchin. Rich, creamy with a slight saltiness that reminded me of the ocean.

The pièce de résistance: Shirayaki. Fresh unagi (eel) with Gold Flake. Beautiful, elegant, and impeccably delicious. Before salivating this beauty, I admired the passion and craft behind the Shirayaki.

The fresh, local ingredients, the craft, fruits of labor, and passion were truly illustrated within each course of the Omakase menu at Jun-Ni.

For more information about the Omakase menu and Ju-Ni, please visit their website:

Happy Eating!

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