The S’mores and More from Gonutz with Donuts

When my sweet tooth calls my name, I typically don’t opt for donuts. But this time, I did because I learned about a place called Gonutz for Donuts in Fremont, CA that had amazing decorated donuts. I had to check them out.

Upon arrival, I was impressed by the variety of flavors and decorations. With my Foodie BFFs, we selected a few that stroke our fancy and really stood out amongst them all.

A wide variety of flavors, colors and decor that showed delicate work and reminded us of our childhoods. Here are some of my favorites from this selection:

The S’mores

Just by looking at this donut, you can tell that it’s a “S’mores” one. Chocolate covered donut, topped with 2 marshmallows, 4 pieces of graham crackers and a drizzle of chocolate. I liked the sprinkle of crumbs on the donut too.

The Panda

Too cute to eat! A white, frosted covered donut topped with chocolate pieces to show the face of the panda. I particularly liked the perfectly shaped eyebrows and eyes. The blue frosting with sprinkles was interesting and brought some pizzaz to the panda.

Of course, the most highly instagrammed and popular favorite: The Unicorn

Too pretty to eat! A white, frosted donut topped with chocolate pieces for the eyes, intricate lavender colored frosting for the mane, candy pieces for the ears and horn, and some sprinkles to show the unicorn’s magic. I couldn’t help but admire the piping skills to make the unicorn’s mane.

Did I actually taste any of the donuts? I eventually did eat them with much regret because they were such work of art. Depending on where you go and which donuts you get, they can be rather heavy, doughy, chewy and overly sweet. I expected these donuts to be very sweet with all of the frosting and candided decorations. But surprisingly they weren’t! I felt that the sweetness was just right. I also liked how light and fluffy the pastry was. The taste reminded me of the chouquettes (small portions of baked dough sprinkled with sugar) that I would snack on all of the time in Paris.

Gonutz with Donuts is such a fun place with an incredible variety of donuts. The craft in decorating these donuts are such a work of art. Plus, they’re delicious too! The menu of donuts change daily. So if there’s a particular donut that you want, make sure to call advance for availability. For more info about Gonutz, check out their website at

Happy Eating!

All images and content © 2018 Carol Vu, unless otherwise indicated.

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