Welcome to the FoodRemix blog!

The FoodRemix blog is a place to search for a wide variety of food from New York City and around the world. The meals, dishes, desserts and snacks are an eclectic range from classics to comfort to fresh and innovative.


Carol Vu, Creator of FoodRemix blog

A Vietnamese Californian based in the city of New York, I’m a tough critic for Vietnamese and Mexican food and have become a more experienced Foodie. An avid traveler, I have explored in over 27 countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand where I backpacked solo with little money and a lot of determination. A Home Chef, I learned to cook from the best – my maternal and paternal Grandmothers who passed down their recipes from generations. I refined my cooking skills and discovered the beautiful process of winemaking from my eccentric landlady when I lived in Paris for 3 months. Once, my best friend in California asked me, “Carol, do you live to eat? Or do you eat to live?” I responded without hesitation, “I live to eat!”


All images and content of the FoodRemix blog are subject to © Carol Vu 2016, unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved.

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