Nine Courses of Magnificence at Daniel

As a fan of Chef Daniel Boulud, I was very excited about my culinary experience at his Michelin Starred restaurant, Daniel. An unforgettable tasting menu of nine courses that took me around the world and blew me away. Here are a few highlights that stood out the most to me.

I love having a cocktail as a “pre-game” to meal. I tried the Mizuno. A refreshing start, that is sweet but not too sweet, with a hint of lavender.

The first course: Seriole. Citrus cured hamachi with chive aioli, cardamom-beets puree, and Mizuna salad. The cardamom-beets puree and chive aioli really brought out the taste of the hamachi. Best beets ever!

The second course: Poularde. Mosaic of poularde and foie gras with Morel Gelée, Louisiana crayfish, wild mustard pickled ramps, and nettle oil. The foie gras was creamy and melted along the tip of my tongue. It tasted even better on the hazelnut crostini with a glass of Riesling.

The third course: Ormeaux. Braised Kona Abalone in Puff Pastry with button mushroom, scallions, and “sauce normande.” The abalone was hearty and flavorful especially from the sauce and didn’t have that “ocean, fishy” taste.

The fourth course: Sole. Spot Prawns Studded Dover Sole with green asparagus and Gamtae Seaweed Sauce, “Rumi Sanfranee.” I loved how the sole was enhanced by the flavors from the prawn and sauce. A light, flavorful dish also without the “ocean, fishy” taste.

The ninth course: Peru. Peruvian Dark Chocolate  with Cuban Coffee Cremeux and Cardamom “Leejay” Cassis Sorbet. A beautiful presentation and sweet ending to the meal. This dessert had of some of my favorite things to eat and drink: chocolate, cuban coffee and cassis. The combination of these flavors took me to Peru, Cuba and France.

This tasting menu at Daniel was incredible and exceeded my expectations. I knew that I would enjoy this meal, especially since I love Chef Daniel Boulud. But I didn’t expect to imagine the places that each course would take me to in addition to the amazing creations, presentations, textures and flavors that blew me away.

For more information about the tasting menus and Daniel, please visit their website:

Happy Eating!

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