Tasty Falafel! Taïm Falafel! 

Taïm is my all-time favorite place for Falafel! Taïm means tasty in Hebrew, and so is their falafel! Though I work in Midtown Manhattan, I still make the trek downtown to the West Village to relieve my craving for falafel.

Today, I ordered the Green Falafel Sandwich on Whole Wheat Pita.

The falafel was lightly crispy, warm and perfectly cooked. The Green falafel is known as their traditional kind, and I love the flavors of parsley, cilantro and mint. Plus, the taste of this falafel is such a burst in mouth with the hummus, Israeli salad, picked cabbage and tahini sauce. Every time I take a bite of my sandwich, I can hear that nice crunch and savor all of the flavors. Satisfaction in my mouth and belly!

Taïm is truly worth the trek for me, every time I need falafel, especially tasty ones. Taïm have two locations: West Village and Nolita, and they have a food truck! Check out their website for more info on their locations and Truck schedule: http://www.taimfalafel.com


All images and content © 2016 Carol Vu.

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