Bottomless Brunch at Hecho en Dumbo

Update: Unfortunately, Hecho en Dumbo closed in June 2018. It was truly satisfied my craving for Mexican food in NYC.

Growing up in Southern CA, I had the privilege to eat authentic Mexican food, especially made by my grandmas and moms of friends. So I’m a tough critic when it comes to Mexican food. Still on the quest for the best Mexican food in NYC, Hecho en Dumbo in the East Village so far makes it on the top of my list for it.

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This past weekend, I went to Hecho en Dumbo for The Bottomless Brunch. It is highly recommended, especially with friends and family. You can do this with just food (as my friends and I did) or with drinks (which we plan to do next time).

For one single price per person, you receive an unlimited amount of food. The choices ranged from Classic to New, Fresh Mexican. Everything was incredibly delicious, and we just could not stop eating!

Highlights from the Unlimited Brunch:

1. Pozole Rojo (A flavorful, spicy soup). The spiciness was not overwhelming at all. The amount was just right, and I was able to taste the hominy, pork, broth, lime and herbs, all blended together with a nice kick of heat in the end.

2. El Slider (A mini short rib burger). The meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked. The brioche bun was lightly toasted, and the bacon was crispy.

3. Flautas de Huachinango (Large taquitos stuffed with Red Snapper). Nice crunch from the crispy taquito! The Red Snapper was delicious! Buttery taste, light and fresh.

4. Huevos Motulenos (Beef nachos topped with a poached egg). The shredded beef was well-seasnoned and cooked with the flavor from the egg. Nice crunch from the homemade chips!

5. Torrejas (Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast with Maple Syrup, Powdered Sugar, and Pickled cranberries). Incredible! Mixture of sweet, sugar, salt, tart, salt and spice, all rolled into one.

We finished our meal, feeling satisfied and with so many flavors left remaining in our mouths.

The Bottomless Brunch at Hecho en Dumbo is a fun, fresh take on Brunch and Mexican food. The experience is even greater when sharing this meal with friends and family.

The items of the menu are subject to change as Hecho en Dumbo use seasonal and fresh ingredients. You can visit their website and check their menus at

Happy Eating!

All images and content © 2016 Carol Vu.

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