Hot Tofu Soup at K-Bap

Mid-thirties degrees today, here in New York City. It’s Spring, but feels like Winter! On cold “Winter” days like this, I crave a nice hot bowl of stew. I opted for a quick, hot meal at K-Bap, a small Korean place in Midtown West.

As I entered the establishment and approached the cash register to order, the staff gave me a complimentary package of seaweed in celebration of their 10th anniversary. A great snack to save for later! 


I ordered one of their signature dishes: A comforting bowl of Vegetable, Tofu Soup.
A steamy hot soup of soft tofu, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, Napa Cabbage and Red Pepper Paste. (Note to Vegetarians: Please double-check with the staff to ensure that you get the Vegetable broth). 


There are many ways to eat this soup. I like to put the rice into the soup and mix it all together so I can taste everything all at once. The soft tofu melted in mouth as I munched on the veggies and rice. Everything was well-cooked and delicious! The flavors from the spicy broth are still in my mouth!
K-Bap is a very small, but pleasant, place to have a quick lunch, especially for folks who work in the area.

Check out K-Bap at for this Tofu soup and other delicious Korean dishes. Happy Eating!


All images and content © 2016 Carol Vu.

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