Year in Review: 3 Stars in 3 Days

This past year, my best friend in San Francisco, “The Jenius,” traveled to 3 countries and had amazing culinary experiences of 30 Michelin Stars in 30 days. The Jenius’ experience and encouragement as well as our deep bond over food inspired me to step up and try the same – somewhat – as my bank account could allow.

In April 2018, I had two incredible dining experiences in two US cities – New York and San Francisco – that are both my home, of 3 Michelin Stars in 3 days.

On April 25, 2018, I had an amazing nine-course meal with wine pairings at Daniel in New York. As a fan of Chef Daniel Boulud, it was an honor to try his tasting menu and dine at his 2 Michelin Starred restaurant. I enjoyed every course and wine pairing. If I have to choose one favorite, it would have to be the signature: Ormeaux. Braised Kona Abalone in Puff Pastry with button mushroom, scallions, and “sauce normande.” 

For more details of my experience at Daniel, you can view my blog post about it:

Then on April 27, 2018 (posted on April 28), I had an incredible Omakase at Ju-Ni in San Francisco. A one Michelin Starred, Omakase-only restaurant with an intimate setting of 12 seats, providing personalized attention and hand-crafted courses.

Every course was elegant and delicious with the passion and labor behind it. If I have to choose only one favorite, it would have to be their signature, their pièce de résistance: Shirayaki. Fresh unagi (eel) with Gold Flake. 

For further details of the Shirayaki and my experience at Ju-Ni, you can view my blog post about it:

2018 has been a magnificent year! I had the privilege to taste incredible cuisine made by chefs and their teams whom I admire as well as their passion and craft. To experience 3 stars in 3 days in New York and San Francisco was certainly a showstopper.

Thank you for reading this and my other posts. Most of all, thank you for following and your support! A toast to you! Looking forward to eating and exploring more from the FoodRemix blog in 2019!

Happy Eating!

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