Many Treasures of Tasty Pot

Married to a Taiwanese guy, I discovered the fun and deliciousness of Hot Pot. So when Hubby told me that we would be going out with our Taiwanese couple friends for Hot Pot, I expected going to someone’s home for some fun, communal cooking. I even asked Hubby if we should drop by the Asian market to bring anything.  He laughed and said that we were going to a restaurant for Hot Pot and that this isn’t new to him but will be for me.

Tasty Pot surpassed my expectation for Hot Pot. The menu has a customized selection of different kinds of Hot Pot for you to choose from. I asked everyone which one or two combos we should order as a group. They all told me that each person orders his or her own. What??? I was impressed! 

In the mood for spicy food, I ordered the Kimchi Hot Pot. Lo and behold, a treasure chest full of deliciousness that you can’t possibly imagine! 

Protein: Beef, Tofu, Fried Tofu Skin, Fish Balls, Fish Cake, Clams, Prawns, Vienna Sausage and Egg. Veg: Napa Cabbage, Zucchini, Kimchi and Scallions. Carb: Dumplings and Clear noodles. As you can see, a filling, well-balanced meal! All cooked in front of you in a savory, spicy broth. I was surprised by the freshness of the veggies and seafood, especially the prawns and clams. There are also sauces on the side for dipping, and you can choose between rice or additional clear noodles.

The prawns and dumplings were my faves in this hot pot. Check out the size of them, marinated in the yumminess of the egg and piping hot broth! 

Tasty Pot is our “Go-to” place for Hot Pot, especially when we have a craving for it. It’s also a great place to bring family and friends because it’s a fun, delicious experience in a comfortable atmosphere (and seats large groups of people). There are vegetarian options, so let the servers know so they can help you select the right combo and make any necessary adjustments. By far, it’s one of my fave restaurants in Sacramento, CA. 

To check out their menu and other locations, visit Tasty Pot’s website at 

Happy Eating! 

All images and content © 2017 Carol Vu, unless otherwise indicated.

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